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Pangea Organics Body Oil Italian White Sage & Geranium -- 4 fl oz

Restorative. Organic / Non-GMO. White Sage. Purifying. Calming. Antioxidant. Geranium. Rejuvenating. Uplifting. Hydrating.   Smooth your skin soothe your senses Rich in bio-available essential fatty acids skin-beneficial vitamins and incredible essential oil aromas this body oil is the perfect remedy for dry skin and tense muscles. Five organic food-grade oils comprise the base of this nutritive blend offering superior glide for massage and luxurious hydration for the body. These precious cold-pressed oils absorb deeply and efficiently to deliver healthy silky smooth skin. Made sans almond oil this blend is suitable for those with nut allergies and perfect for organic purists. Organic and readily absorbant; softening of you and easy on Mother Nature. Aaaahh now that feels good.  . ORGANIC SAGE ESSENTIAL OIL. White sage is also known as sacred sage due to its history of use for spiritual ceremony by Native Americans. The leaves and flowers of Sage offer skin purifying attributes. Sage is extremely restorative to abrasions and irritation while its antioxidant properties support optimal cellular vitality. Properties for the mind include: grounding and uplifting to alleviate mental strain and fatigue.  . ORGANIC GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL. Geranium is a beautiful and multifaceted essential oil that has protecting and balancing properties made more potent by the fact that it is grown in an extremely high altitude. It is a humectant for drawing moisture to the skin helps to firm skin tone promotes vitality and strengthens the skin. Its scent is rejuvenating balancing calming and uplifting.  . ORGANIC SUNFLOWER SEED OIL. Sunflower Seed Oil is extremely high in vitmain E and Linoleic Acid [Omega 6] contains vitamin A D and E and is rich in Calcium Zinc Potassium Iron and Phosphorus. It creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin that hydrates and protects. Easily absorbed its high content of essential fatty acids increases hydration by reinforcing cellular vitality thus encouraging moisture retention.
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