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Nasopure BabyComfyNose™ -- 1 Kit

The Nicer Neti! Baby Breathes Naturally. Uses your own suction to hygienically comfortably and effectively remove baby's nasal mucus. Contains: BabyComfyNose Aspirator 3 buffered salt packets (24 oz. saline) dropper for saline application instructions mesh bag. Dr. Hana's nasopure® BabyComfyNose™ gently removes mucus soothes and refreshes the nasal linings keeping your baby's personal filter clean and healthy. Contains only natural ingredients; not habit forming. Soft silicon-type rubber nasal tip and mouth piece. Contains mesh storage pouch; dishwasher safe; travel ready. Contains 3 buffered salt packets to make 24 oz of natural saline drops. Place single loose tissue in aspirator as an absorbent filter. Design protects parents from contact with mucus and germs. Suckling on mom's breast or drinking form a bottle requires breathing through the nose so keeping an infant's "filter" clean and clear is very important. In fact infants need a healthy nose for adequate nutrition restful sleep normal hearing and comfort.  . Many gallon of air are filtered through the nose every day. As an 'obligate nose breather" you baby is exposed to all sorts of irritants that cause congestion discomfort and even infections of the sinus and ears. Dr. Hana has found that keeping a baby's nose clean is vital to promoting wellness.  . Dr. Hana believes BabyComfyNose is the best "snot sucker" on the market today and made in the good old USA! The design offers an effective and comfortable suction powered by parents yet protecting parents form direct contact with mucus and germs.
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