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Nasal Ease Allergy Reliever -- 200 Doses

NEW! Homeopathic. Allergy Reliever. Relieves:. Sneezing. Sinus Congestion. Runny Nose. Powder Spray. Nasal Ease is a nasal powder spray that helps relieve airborne allergy symptoms. Features:. Homeopathic formulation helps relieve sinus congestion and hay fever allergy symptoms. Helps your body's natural allergy defenses to work better. Has a unique patented powder spray delivery system delivering product directly in the nose where allergens attack! Is safe to use in conjunction with OTC and Rx allergy medications. No harmful Zinc. Does not promote drowsiness. Has no rebound effect. Is non-habit forming. Easy to travel with in pocket or purse.  No leakage worries! Not just allergy relief - allergy symptom prevention! Sneezing. Runny nose. Itchy watery eyes. Nasal Ease is a unique nasal powder spray that is clinically proven to help prevent nasal allergy symptoms by blocking allergens from penetrating nasal passages. It starts working in only minutes! Helps relieve sinus congestion and hay fever allergy symptoms. Works in your nose where allergens attack. Nasal Ease helps to relieve your airborne allergy symptoms. How Nasal Ease Works:. Nasal Ease works only in your nose where airborne allergens like pollen pet dander dust and environmental pollutants attack. Used before exposure it acts as a natural protective barrier helping your nasal passages to filter airborne allergens and block them from reaching your lungs. As a result your body does not trigger the typical allergic reactions such as runny nose and itch watery eyes. Who Can Use Nasal Ease:. Nasal Ease is proven safe and effective for adults pregnant and breastfeeding women and children (with supervision). It's drug free and won't cause drowsiness. Nasal Ease is also non-habit forming and sage to use with other medications including other allergy formulas.
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