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Ear Care Reviews

Overall Rating:5 out of 5 stars.
"Good price for the ear cones, they do the job nicely. My family likes them says they can hear better when the job is completed. Nothing special about these, I just know they work & are a good price. I"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:5 out of 5 stars.
"Kyrosol worked easily and successfully. Only required one treatment. Very good value as well."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4.7 out of 5 stars.
"Sturdy cotton swabs that won't bend easily. Made from organic cotton."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4.5 out of 5 stars.
"It is a mixture of essential oils including garlic oil.It will not provide instant relief but it does soothe the irritated ear while you use it and soften the earwax aggregations if you have any. All"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4.5 out of 5 stars.
"I have tried a variety of Ear candles, most with disappointment but the Wally's Ear candles work really well removing quite a lot of wax. I did use another brand which I can no longer get and they"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4.5 out of 5 stars.
"Great product. Does what it's supposed to. Only thing is it doesn't come with instructions. That's my only complaint."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4.3 out of 5 stars.
"i love these ear candles, they really the job they were designed to do, but the beeswax type is the best as they last longer."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:4 out of 5 stars.
"Haven't had any problems with these..."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:3.5 out of 5 stars.
"I hate to write a bad review for anything, but this product just isn't up to par with others such as Wally's and even a family owned biz I used to buy from. 1. If I was a 1st time ear candle user, the"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:3.3 out of 5 stars.
"these ear candles were very good, we use them for our children and ourselves, they burn a little smoky, but nothing terrible"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:3.2 out of 5 stars.
"These candles do not cut but they unravel easy which i like better. I used some ear candles i bought here in town,they aren't very good. Two candles in each ear, got nothing. I used one of theses"... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:2.7 out of 5 stars.
"I really liked this product, it was easy to use. I could feel the difference after just one use."... (read full reviews)
Overall Rating:1 out of 5 stars.
"These used to be the best ear candles. Now they've added a filter (hard plastic) that is very uncomfortable and hurts. It also does NOT do as good of a job as the previous design. Will not be buying"... (read full reviews)